The Cypress Gardens Water Ski Team is honored to host the 2022 Southern Regionals on

June 25, 2022 from 8am-8pm with dinner starting at 5pm and June 26, 2022 from 9am-8pm at MLK, Jr. Park on Lake Silver in Winter Haven. Friday, June 24 will be a practice day for individual events. Please visit our Facebook Page at Southern Regional Show Ski Championships or contact our Tournament Director, Mark Voisard, at 863-521-2808 for more information.  Please use the following links for registration for individual events.  All registrations for individual events must be received NO LATER than MONDAY, JUNE 20.  Please email to cypress.gardens.tournament@gmail.com.  Pass lists and music must be turned in NO LATER than FRIDAY, JUNE 24 at 2:00 pm.  If you have ANY trouble obtaining pass lists off the USAWS-WS website, please let us know and we will be more than happy to help!!

Located at Martin Luther King, Jr. Park

199 S. Lake Silver Drive, NW

Winter Haven, FL