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2020 Individual National Championships Results

Updated: Aug 12, 2020

Congratulations to our team members who competed at the 2020 Individual National Championships!

Cypress Gardens Water Ski Team Results

Andrew Hawblitzel - Intermediate Doubles | 4th place

(with Addie Weidenbenner)

Eric Berglund - Intermediate Freestyle Jump 3rd place

Brett Berglund - Intermediate Freestyle Jump | 3rd place

Grace Petzold - Open Swivel | 3rd place

Intermediate Freestyle Jump | 10th place

Women's Trick Ski | 7th place

Pairs Swivel | 1st place

(with Brea Imse)

Open Doubles | 4th place

(with Ian Slatter)

Taylor Camann - 180 Swivel | 1st place

Summer Cavendish - 360 Swivel | 4th place

Lucy Lippelgoos - Open Swivel | 6th place

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