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The Cypress Gardens Water Ski Team was started by former waterskiers from Cypress Gardens Theme Park who want to pass on their show skiing legacy to the next generation.

Before Walt Disney World and the rest of Central Florida’s sprawl of tourist destinations there was a family-owned theme park known as Cypress Gardens.  Cypress Gardens’ founder, Dick Pope, filled the park’s landscape with gorgeous flowers, beautiful Southern Belles, and thrilling water ski show.

The first water ski show took place in 1943 and – until the theme park closed in 2009 – held the distinction of being the “longest running entertainment production in the world” just ahead of Ringling Brothers Barnum & Bailey Circus.

During its 66 year run, millions upon millions of Florida visitors were thrilled by amazing barefooters, gravity-defying Rampmasters, lines of Aquamaids skimming effortlessly in precision across the water, and 4-tier human pyramids.  The Cypress Gardens Water Ski Team broke over 50 World Records and became known around the globe as the “Water Ski Capital of the World.”

Led by Former Show Director, Mark Voisard, the Cypress Gardens Water Skiers decided they did not want the legacy of world-class show skiing to die with the closing of the theme park.  So they formed a new team with two goals:  to continue to WOW central Florida audiences, and to pass on their water skiing skills to the next generation.

The team works closely with the city of Winter Haven to perform shows at Martin Luther King Park on Lake Silver.



For interested skiers or families please contact to begin the process. ​

Process For Joining The Team May Look Like: 

  • Must know how to waterski

  • Turn In Membership Application

  • Pay Team Dues and Join USA Water Ski & Wake Sports Once Approved For The Team

  • Have Fun!

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